phaungdawooInle is a fresh water lake famous for the scenic sport of Shan State. It is about 24 miles from hilltop of Taunggyi in Shan plateau with an estimated surface area of 116 square km and 11kms wide like a sea among hazy Blue Mountains. During the dry season, the depth of water is about (2) meters and in the rainy season it increases up to (6) meters. The people from this area live in small villages along the lake’s shores, and on the lake itself. This area is known for distinctive style of rowing boat by leg which provides the rower with a clear view of floating plants while standing. Especially “Inn Thar” tribes and floating vegetables can be seen on the boat. Hpaung Daw U Pagoda, traditional weaving industries and “Nga Phae Chaung” monastery are the interesting places for sightseeing. Traditional boat racing is a very popular event during the Hpaung Daw U festival.

Indein Pagoda

indeinIndein Pagoda is located at the west of “Phaung Taw Oo Pagoda” within the distance of 30 minutes by boat. It was built and donated by King Arr Thaw Ka in 3 AD. “Pa Ou” tribe can be seen around this pagoda. The Indein bazaar is held once in five days where we can buy


Taungyi is situated in the northern Shan plateau and is the Capital city of Shan State. The City is on the mountain-top at the height of 4712ft above sea level. Once it was known as the Administrative City of British Colonial rule in Shan State. It has cool weather and surrounded by trees and forests. “Inn Thar” tribe is the majority of this area.

Kakku Pagoda

kakkuKukku is a place of ancient Pagodas on the plain of Pao tribe’s area in Southern Shan state. It is 26 miles from Taunggyi and can be easily reached by car. There were about 7623 Pagodas in the past. But it was told that a monk from a monastery in nearby Pao tribal village counted and registered a total of 2402 Pagodas some are half ruined and some with fine plaster carvings. This place is now becoming one of the Tourist attractions in Shan State.

Pindaya Cave


PINDAYA CAVE is about 28 miles from Kalaw in Shan State. This small town is famous for its cave on Pindaya Mountain and legendary lake. There are over ten thousand Buddha Images in various sizes and shapes; some are richly gilded with gold in the cave. In front of this cave lies a lake with tales of fairy and a prince who killed the giant spider.

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