Myanmar Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Myanmar women regard as marrying is once in a life time that they consider seriously to get married and also celebrate the wedding ceremony graciously at utmost effort. Traditionally, all wedding expenses are born by a bride’s family. But, it is not a custom of some regions or national races or families.

Wedding ceremony is held in different styles varying on the budget constraints such as Ceremony by offering food to the Sangha at monastery or at home, court marriage ceremony, wedding reception at hotel or restaurant and dinner. Although rich people usually held all four ceremonies in different places, some people combine all together at one place by only offering food to the Sangha, family members, relatives and neighbors. Myanmar traditional wedding dresses are made of silk with very bright color and both bride and bridegroom wear the same color mostly yellow, pink and white. wedding2

wedding3   All invited guests and family members give the couple with presents such as money, household items or personal affects which will be useful for their new life. After wedding ceremony, bride and bridegroom pay homage to their parents at home. There is also a lovely and funny custom that newly couple has to pay some pocket money to their close friends and relatives who are blocking by rows in front of the bride/groom’s bed room with holding each row by golden necklace or chain to give permission to enter.

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