Ngapali Beach

Introduction of Ngapali Beach Hotel

Here we introduce hotels from Ngapali Beach. You can make inquiry to the email address [email protected] , should you want to know more detailed or other hotel excluded from the list.


Linn Thar Oo Hotel

Linn Thar Oo Hotel

  Address    : Lodge,Ngapali Beach.

Phone No  : +95-043-42322,42426

Silver Beach Hotel

Silver Beach Hotel

  Address   : Lin Thar Villige,Ngapali.

Phone No : +95-043-42266,42277

Bayview Hotel

Bayview Hotel

  Address    : No.205,Nga Pyaw Chaung Kwan ,Lin Thar Village,


Phone No  : +95-043-42299,42300

Sandoway Hotel

  Address     : Mya Pyin Village,Ngapali.

Phone No   : +95-043-42233,42244

Fax No       : +95-043-42255

Amata Hotel

Amata Hotel

  Address     : Mya Pyin Village Ngapali,Thandwe.

Phone No  : +95-043-42177,42188

Fax No      : +95-043-42199

Thande Ngapali Beach Hotel

Thande Ngapali Beach Hotel

  Address    : Ngapli(Thandwe)

Phone No  : +95-043-42788,42799

Fax No      : +95-043-42788

Amazing Ngapali Resort

  Address   : Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State.

Phone No : +95-043-42011,43711

Fax No     : +95-043-42033

Aureum Resort & Sap (Ngapali Beach)

Aureum Resort & Sap
(Ngapali Beach)

  Address    :  Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State.

Phone No  :  +95-043-43611,43622

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