Ngwesaung Beach

Introduction of Ngwe Saung Beach Hotel

Here we introduce hotels from Ngwe Saung Beach . You can make inquiry to the email address [email protected] , should you want to know more detailed or other hotel excluded from the list.

Yuzana Hotel

Yuzana Hotel

It is a middle class hotel located along side of the beach.

Address    : Ngwe Saung Beach, Ayeyarwady  Division.

Phone No  : 042-4032340329

The Palm Beach Hotel

The Palm Beach Hotel

It is one of the high class hotels including a swimming pool. Fresh sea food buffet is available at high season.

Address     : Plot 9,Ngwe Saung Beach, Pathein.

Phone No  : 042-40233,40234

Fax No      : 042-40235

Sunny Paradise Resort

Sunny Paradise Resort

This is a famous Deluxe hotel and have Bungalow type rooms located at sea side. Renting of swimming equipments and bicycle is also possible. Experienced swimming staff is assigned near sea side for safety reason.

Address    : Ngwe Saung Beach,Pathein

Phone No  : 042-40227,40229

Emerald Sea Resort
It is a middle class hotel with reasonable room rate.

Address     : Ngwe Saung Beach,Pathein

Phone No   : 042-40207,095200740

Bay Of Bengal Resort

Bay Of Bengal Resort  

Address    : 1 Ward,Ngwe Saung Beach, Pathehein, Ayeyarwady Division.

Phone No  : +95-042-40346,40347


Myanmar Treasure Resort (Ngwe Saung Beach)

Myanmar Treasure Resort
(Ngwe Saung Beach)

Address    : Ngwe Saung Beach, Pathein, Ayeyarwady Division.

Phone No  : +95-042-40224


 Aureum Resort & Spa (Ngwe Saung Beach)

Aureum Resort & Spa
(Ngwe Saung Beach)

Address      : Myoma Road,Ngwe Saung Beach, Pathein

Phone No    : +95-042-40224

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